NIKO GEL universal detergent Surfactant

NIKO GEL universal detergent Surfactant content - 42%

Packages of 1kg, 400gr, 250gr.

NIKO GEL universal highly concentrated detergent, for washing dishes, cooking surfaces, plumbing, tiles, food equipment. Powerful fluid – antifat. The surfactant concentration reaches 42%. Form – solid gel. When diluting 1 part in 5 parts of water, a high-quality liquid detergent is obtained. In an undiluted condition is effective as a remover of fruit and other fabric contamination stains, may be used for the manual washing of white linen (1-2 tablespoons for 50 litres of water). When using coloured laundry, it is necessary first to dissolve completely the gel in water from the calculation of 1 tablespoon per 50 litres of water.