Means for washing

VESTA Perfect liquid laundry detergent.


- A real revolution in accustomed assumptions about wash with liquid fluids.

- Concentrated laundry gel for washing of 3X concentrate. 1 cap = 40 ml = 6-7 kg of laundry.

- Innovative composition based on modern surfactants, 4 types of enzymes and a polymer complex.

- For automatic and manual washing of all fabric types.

- Effectively copes with various types of pollution and “insidious” spots.

- Does not damage cloth fibres after multiple washings.

- Does not contain phosphates.

We provide you with VESTA Perfect liquid concentrated gels – fluids for washing of universal and special purpose, that allow to cope effectively with various types of pollution and “insidious” spots, faded colours and unattractive stains on clothes, without damaging fabric fibres even after multiple washings, thanks to carefully thoughtful ingredients of the fluid with bioadditives and enzymes.

In our concentrated laundry gels VESTA Perfect different enzyme combinations (enzymatic preparations) are used that support one another:

- PROTEASE (cleaning effect; removes all protein-containing pollution, fights with a group of spots “proteins”: eggs, blood, milk, cocoa, grass, etc.), copes with its task for one laundry,

- LIPASE (for removal of oils and “grease” spots (mud and dust, sweat and fragments of skin scaling (which absorb dust on themselves that fixes a stain), “dirty collars”, child urine), a cumulative effect from laundry to laundry.

- AMYLASE (cleaning effect; removes plant and animal stains such as starches, meat, chocolate, juices, etc.)

The vegetable stain group includes:

spots from tea, fruits, wine, coffee, cocoa, greens, grass, flowers, plant pollen, etc.)

Copes with its task for one laundry

- CELLULASE (Removes the highly substantive pollution of any origin.)


- another function of polymers – especially for washing colored fabrics – is to prevent the transfer of dyes.

The liquid gel does not wash the dye from the fabric surface. If the dye is removed for other reasons, the polymer holds it in the solution without giving it a possibility to resettle to other things – i.e. it prevents to moulting.

To avoid spoiling things, we recommend washing the white laundry separately from the color, if the washing temperature is high or you are not sure of the dye persistence.

Important advantages and benefits:

The cap serves as a measuring cup – the consumption is shown not only in millilitres but also in caps. The double cap has an internal drain (bottle neck is closed by a cap on both sides). As a result, when you screw up the bottle, the gel residues drain into the bottle and do not spread over the outside side.

The experts in different profiles from television screens and on the Internet are actively discussing the efficiency of liquid laundry fluids. Unlike powders, gels contain less anionic surfactants and more nonionic.

The gel is easy to refresh all everyday clothes, and it affects softer on the fabric. But if you need to wash out complex contaminations or very filthy clothes, it's better to choose the powder detergent with a high temperature of water.

Eliminates unpleasant smells held by clothing.

Superconcentrate. 1.5 litres of fluid is sufficient for more than 45-55 laundries, with the calculation of 5 kg for the one-time load.

Suitable for manual and automatic washing.

For efficient care of fabrics, a light laundry at a low temperature is enough. Requires no prior soaking, boiling and bleaching. While the washing machine is running, the so-called mechanical activation + the effects of the VESTA Perfect gel provide a sufficient washing effect. Recommended washing temperature 30-40-60 degrees, precisely such temperatures are suitable for the “work” of enzymes, which are included in the liquid concentrated laundry gels. Increasing the temperature to 60°C improves the efficiency of laundry to remove grease stains.

Hypoallergenic, does not cause skin and breathing organs irritations


Protects the washing machine from the scale formation, does not resettle in the tray and other parts of the washing machine, prevents to the appearance of unpleasant smell in the drum.

Does not damage the structure of delicate fabrics, even in the frequent laundry, prevents deformation and clothing shrinkage. Fabric recovery effect as a result of frequent use. Prevents the appearance of lints.

It does not contain phosphates, derivatives of chlorine, harmful substances etc.

Perfectly soluble in water; it is completely rinsed from clothes; it works effectively in the water of any hardness.

It will give smoothness to all cotton surfaces and elasticity to the fibres.

Cellulase is used to remove the peeling (cumulative effect), which is formed on cotton and linen fabrics as lints when wearing. Due to the fact that the piles are removed from the fabric surface, the dirt, which was kept by these piles, is also removed, the fabric has brighter colour and it becomes pleasant to the touch).

VESTA Perfect concentrated gels have a complex of polymers:

- the function of polymers is to keep the diluted from the clothes pollution in the solution, without allowing the pollution to return to the fabric.