VESTA liquid soap of 2x1 1000 ml

VESTA liquid soap of 2x1 1000 ml.

- Efficiently cleans

- Softly and tenderly cares

- Intensively moisturizes

- Foams good

- Easily wash off

- Leaves refreshing feeling on your skin

- Tender, sweet aroma

- For all skin types, suitable for everyday use.

It is a new standard for hand and body wash for the entire family, based on pure natural water, saturated with minerals and microelements, and enriched with natural components.

"Vesta" 2х1

Lime and black currant

"Vesta" 2х1

Apricot, and pear

"Vesta" 2х1

Cotton and olive oil

"Vesta" 2х1

Green tea with chamomile

"Vesta" 2х1

wild strawberries and raspberries