Detergent for cleaning carpets

NIKOSIL for carpets and carpetings

500 ml with foaming trigger sprayer

It is used for carpet cleaning and furniture upholstery, cleaning of heavily polluted places. Removal of fat and water spots, including fruit juices, inks, low beverages, nicotine, lipsticks and fresh coffee spots.


Active foam penetrates deep into piles and extends pollution to the surface. After the carpet cleaner dries and the foam settles a powder residue appears which is easily removed by the vacuum cleaner without leaving an adhesive layer attracting the new mud. Stabilizes colours and makes them brighter. It is easily removed by the vacuum cleaner, leaves no trace.



Suitable for frequent use. Gives carpets a nice look. Very handy to use: you don't have to mix it with water.


Before using the cleaner check make sure that the carpet does not bleed. Clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. From a distance, roughly 50 cm spray on the carpet. By means of sponge or brush spread foam on the carpet. Wait for foam absorption until the carpet is completely dry (at least 2 hours). It is not recommended to walk on the carpet at this time. Then the carpet should be carefully vacuumed. When heavily pollution repeat the processing. Use a brush with soft bristles if necessary. When removing heavy pollution, use hand gloves. Contact with the eyes is to be avoided; if the solution gets into the eyes, rinse abundantly with clean water (consult a doctor, if necessary).


Any spilled fluids should be removed immediately – the longer the fluid remains on the carpet, the less likely it is to remove the spot without traces.